Refreshing Your Upholstery

Some think that their furniture is too old and worn out. Think again!

Don’t Throw it Out

No one likes to spend their money on furniture! So, just when you are thinking that you are going to have to replace your worn-out couches, think again! Zachary’s Chem-Dry has been cleaning upholstery for years and it is our specialty! We know that your couches are one of those things that your family loves to lounge on. Overtime their color begins to fade and you make even see oily spots from where people rest their heads. This is when you know that a cleaning from Zachary’s Chem-Dry is due.

It Looks As Good As New

We hear a lot of Jacksonville customers say, “it looks as good as new!” That is because our cleanings remove the dust and dirt that is in the upholstery fibers, revealing those beautiful colors again. Our amazing carbonated bubbles are what make our cleanings stand out from the rest. They go deep into the fibers and explode the dirt out. We don’t use gallons of water to clean or harsh chemicals. Our solution is clean and harmless to you and your family.

Get On The Schedule

Keeping on top of an upholstery cleaning schedule is a smart way to save yourself time and money in the long run. We suggest getting your upholstery cleaned every few months and it is so easy to get on a reoccurring schedule! Don’t spend thousands trying to replace your old furniture. Instead, turn your ‘old’ into like new again simply by choosing a safe, effective and natural cleaner and cleaning it yourself in between professional cleanings.

Zachary’s Chem-Dry is here to help restore the love of your furniture back in your home. Call today to get on the schedule with our amazing cleaning technicians.


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