Customer Testimonials


Happy Chem-Dry Customer

Dear Zachary's Chem-Dry:

So I was in a search to get the carpets at my place cleaned. Having a 3 year old and my wife's toy poodle who doesn't seem necessarily fond of using the bathroom outside wreaked havoc on my carpets. I initially chose this place because we share the same first name, which I thought was pretty cool. So we made the appointment for a Saturday, and they showed up on-time no problem. Even called my wife to let her know they were on their way. After doing a quick square-footage measurement, they quickly got to work. Now my place isn't that big, roughly 1300 sq ft. But it is upstairs and downstairs, with the stairs being carpeted as well. They were very quick, yet thorough in their work and were finished within an hour. Carpets took about another hour or two to completely dry. Zachary's Chem-Dry definitely did a stellar job, too. Virtually all of the stains were removed, included a red doggie vomit that was hidden under the sofa. I was surprised they were able to get that one out! So, if you're in the market to get those carpets cleaned, I would recommend giving Zachary's a shout. Very reasonable prices, and quick service means I will definitely be coming back.

-Zak K Jacksonville, FL 2015-07-07

Dear Zachary's Chem-Dry:

Wow ! Amazing job and so nice! Cleaned fathers house and spots for wheelchair came out. So impressed with service. I would highly recommend.

-Adele L. St. Charles, MO 2015-07-07

Dear Zachary's Chem-Dry:

I had a stubborn pet problem. They went above and beyond to satisfy my nose, which is VERY sensitive. He never quit until I was happy, with NO bait and switch!. They are very easy to work with, it almost felt like family. I would recommend this business to anyone. Thanks!

-Sylvia S. Jacksonville, FL 2015-07-07

Dear Zachary's Chem-Dry:

Today I had Zachary's Chem-Dry. My 11 year old Golden Retriever had some medical problem which directly related to the carpet. Not only was I extremely happy with how the carpet was done but I was also given advise I could use in case of an emergency until Chem-Dry to get to my condo.

-Dean H. Jacksonville, FL 2015-07-07

Dear Zachary's Chem-Dry:

My carpets were cleaned today and thanks to Zachary's Chem Dry they look brand new. Zachary arrived promptly at the time agreed to and within 2 hours all three rooms were finished and nearly dry. I love this process and I think Zachary's Chem Dry is the best carpet cleaning service in Jacksonville area.

-Nancy V. Jacksonville, FL 2015-07-07